Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Using music on the Web

The downloading of music from the web is today a controversial issue. In "Teens Just Won't Pay for Music", findings from UK Music showed that almost two thirds of 14 -24 year olds were illegally downloading music from peer to peer networks (Skinner, 2009).

Music can be downloaded legally from sights such as i-tunes and Bigpond Music however costs soon start to add up with most tracks ninety-nine cents each. So what options are available for those who wish to download music for free without breaching Copyright law? Here enters Royalty Free Music which is covered under the Creative Commons Licence.

After spending some time browsing the Royalty Free Music on INCOMPETECH I started to think that in terms of music I would own up to having on my i-pod there wasn't much here. However there were some short pieces that were bearable and could be used in the classroom to assist learning.

I chose a piece called "Laconic Granny" that featured the tuba, baritone, clarinet and drums. With its slow lumbering sound, the slightly humourous piece made me think of a slow fat cat plodding along in a cartoon. Which made me think, if that's what came out of my imagination what could come out of my students? These short pieces of music could be used as stimulus for creating character profiles or inspiration for short stories. Learning to write from stimulus is a valuable tool for students as they need to be able to do this in tests such as NAPLAN. Being creative and the ability to think quickly are also useful skills to have for success post schooling.

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