Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Setting up an e.portfolio

An e.portfolio as the name suggests is a portfolio that is available electronically. The advantage of this is that it is a resource that can be easily updated and added to at any time. Employers are now also keen to have staff that a e-literate and an e.portfolio is a way of demonstrating that you are capable of using computer technologies and also show how these would be used in a classroom.
Both teachers and students can use this resource to display their computer savvyness and as Kiersley and Schneiderman (n.d) point out when work is put up on the web there is "more incentive for them to do their best possible work, since they know that their work will be viewed by their classmates..(and peers)...and possibly the whole world".
I have begun creating my e.portfolio which I will continue after my course and use to pursue my ICT pedagogical licence.

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