Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Quizzes can be a great form of diagnostic testing for teachers to see how their students learning is progressing or to find out what their students already know. ClassMarker is an electronic testing resource for teachers. Teachers are able to design an online test and enrol their class into the virtual classroom so students can complete the test. From here teachers are then able to view students results. Teachers can choose from different styles of questions such as multiple choice, multiple response, free text, punctuation and essay.

I created a test called "In the Dark" which would be used in conjunction with the "In the Dark" podcast. I chose a variety of questions including free text. I like the idea of the question style as it eliminates the chance element that is present in other question options like multiple choice. One problem I did find with the free text question however was that you have to enter in a variety of correct answers. Unless students match one of the responses the teacher has entered word for word they will get the question wrong. I did find that if you labelled the question as an essay than you could mark the students' responses manually.

I can see how this technology could be used in the classroom however as I said earlier I would only use this for diagnostic testing and unless students were writing an essay response I do not believe that this technology would contribute to higher order thinking.
Writing Exams - by ccarlstead

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